How To Kill Roaches

Want to Kill Roaches? If you want to kill cockroaches and get rid of roaches permanently out of your home (all in a few days, using only natural methods) read my story below.

Hi, I'm Melanie Ulrich (That's me in the picture - with my son Gregory at a family picnic) I may have a similar story to you. My home was infested with cockroaches for over two months. I would see a roach every time I walked in to my bedroom or kitchen. I'd been desperately searching for a roach killer that works.

As you can see from the pictures taken inside my house, the cockroaches were everywhere and I really wanted to kill those ugly roaches and keep them away. My main concern was my son's health.

For the first few weeks, I bought insect spray, at least 2 bottles a week and sprayed them every night. I had little success with this.

I then used a few different gels and traps to no avail. At first, they all seemed to work, but after 2 weeks, I started seeing the roaches again.    

I wasn't financially in a position to afford a professional to spray the home, but as I said I was desperate to kill the roaches. I went ahead and spent my money and I thought I'd achieved success. For a week most of the roaches had disappeared. My happiness turned to frustration when the roaches returned. (As I later learnt the spray had temporarily got rid of the cockroaches, but the nest had not been found, which is the key to getting rid of roaches permanently)

I had almost given up and was starting to think I would never get rid of the roaches. I was browsing the Internet one day, and by chance I stumbled across a website Roach Assassin

This site claimed it would show me how to kill roaches and get rid of roaches permanently in less than a week. It also said it used natural methods. I was intrigued and desperate so I went ahead and got the guide.

It really was the best decision I could have made in solving my roach problem.

After reading the guide, I applied some of the techniques. After a few days I was seeing cockroaches dead all over the place (This was good, but I had seen these results previously, I was expecting them to come back) It's now been four months and my home is roach free! It's a great feeling knowing my son is no longer around these insects that carry so much bacteria.

In total it cost me about $15 in ingredients that I purchased from the supermarket down the road, and about an hour of my time applying the techniques in the guide.

I created this website because I wanted to let others know about Roach Assassin. I wish someone had told me about it when I first had the roach problems. It would have saved me a lot of grief and money.

Another great value about the site was they added 4 bonus books:

  • Hypermiling: How to Make Your Car Go Further With Less Gas

  • How To Make Your Own Bio-Diesel

  • Living Green: Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint

  • No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Impressively, my email was responded to in under an hour (although they do state it can take up to 24 hours, which is still pretty fast), and there is an unconditional 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee.

As I mentioned, best of all, the ingredients listed in the guide are readily available and cheap.

Update: Last time I looked Roach Assassin had a special sale on where the price for the manual was $29.95. I'm not sure when the sale ends, so I recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

Click here to visit Roach Assassin

Roach Facts:

  • The world's largest roach (which lives in South America) is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan.
  • Roaches By the Numbers
    6 -- Number of legs on a cockroach
    18 -- Number of knees on most cockroaches (at least!)
    40-- Number of minutes cockroaches can hold their breath
    75 -- Percentage of time that cockroaches spend just resting (how lazy can you get?)
    5,000 -- Number of species of cockroaches worldwide
  • Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives (bummer).
  • Cockroaches can run up to three miles in an hour. (Hey, it's no marathon, but it's not bad.)
  • A cockroach heart is nothing but a simple tube with valves. The tube can pump blood backwards and forwards in the insect. The heart can even stop moving without harming the roach.
  • Most species of roaches live in the tropics. But roaches live all over the world, including the North and South Poles. Pest cockroaches can withstand temperatures as cold as 32F (0C), but will die if the temperature goes much below that. In extremely cold places, however, they survive by moving in with humans.
  • Cockroaches can climb walls because they are equipped with a set of little claws on their feet designed for that very purpose.

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